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Collectors is a mobile coffee bar of the future. From our years in the coffee and mobile catering industry we have learnt a lot. Collectors has drawn from this experience to bring Film and TV sets, Festivals and Events delicious coffee in record time! Our very own Collectors Blend of coffee beans is roasted by the sustainability driven Chimney Fire Coffee and our top-level baristas will ensure every coffee is crafted to the highest standard. It doesn't stop at delicious coffee.. Our freshly baked Pastel De Natas are the perfect partner to your morning Flat White.


The Collectors Blend

Roasted by Chimney Fire Coffee in the Surrey Hills, the Collectors Blend is roasted dark and provides notes of Caramel, Dark Chocolate and Walnut. The blend is comprised of 50% Brazillian and 50% Peruvian beans, resulting in a full-bodied coffee perfect for your morning flat white. Collectors and Chimney Fire have come together to work directly with the Farms, Carmo Coffees in Brazil and JUMARP in Peru. Further details on these farms can be found on Chimney Fire Coffee's website.


Our Horse Box has been designed to deal with the masses. Good coffee, without having to wait an age, is essential for the festival goer and that is why we have worked so hard to create this well oiled machine. With 2 work stations and up to 7 baristas we can keep those queues to a minimum, without compromising on our top notch, barista crafted coffee. Some of the Festivals and Shows that we return to year after year include; Hampton Court Palace Festival, Love Supreme Jazz Festival, The BBC Gardeners World Fairs, The Long Road Festival, Timber Festival, Dogfest and The Hampton Court Artisan Fair. 

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Sustainability, Fair Trade and Supporting Local are three things we pride ourselves on. We use fully compostable Vegware cups and recyclable packaging wherever possible. Our roastery, The B Corp certified Chimney Fire Coffee, are on a mission to cut out the middleman and through the purchase of beans for the 'The Collectors Blend' we pay at least 35% above Fairtrade price. Lots of details on the sustainability of the South American farms can be found on Chimney Fire Coffees website. We use local suppliers for our food as much as possible. We sell our very own reusable cups and give discounts to anyone that brings their own reusable cup. For 2024 we are also introducing Cupffee’s edible cups! Made out of biscuit this ensures there is no trace left after the customer has consumed their drink. We are always pushing ourselves to learn more on the importance of sustainability and we understand there are always ways to improve in the production and supply of green coffee.

Film & TV

Our craft services packages are designed to keep everyone on set happy and caffeinated. The Collectors horse box is designed with speed of service in mind. For a long day (or night) on set, good coffee is essential. Coffee paired with delicious sweet treats courtesy of Figs Bakery means happy faces all round. Pastel De Natas, Biscoff Blondies and Jammie Dodger cookie sandwiches are some of the best on offer. Get in touch to find out more about our craft services packages.

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Web 3.0

Collectors is more than just top level coffee from an old horse box. We plan to be the first coffee company that fully utilises the benefits of NFTs and Web 3.0. In 2025 we will be releasing a collection of NFTs that will give the holder incredible real world benefits such as free coffee! Creating a community of innovative people and rewarding them with coffee is our goal and we cannot wait to put this in to practice in the near future.

This is just the beginning. 

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